Speakers and Comments from Feb. event

Charlotte Wilson

Charlotte’s areas of expertise are personal growth and empowerment, and she embodies what it takes to lead you on a journey of life discovery. Charlotte’s training, experience, compassion and heart centered listening creates a safe and encouraging environment to heal and to grow. Her empathy and her insight can support you in uncovering issues and removing blocks that prevent you from living authentically. By acquiring the tools that support personal and spiritual growth, you will take ownership of your life and create the abundant, joy-full life that you desire to live.

Vicki and Jim  W.  from Plainfield, Illinois  said,  “I really connected with Charlotte.  My husband and I went out and bought the book she spoke of right after the seminar. The book she called  her Bible, “You Can Heal Your Life,”  by Louise Hay.

Danni Stillwell

Danni is an Occupational Trainer, Life Coach and facilitates workshops for women.  She has mastered bringing forth spiritual healing.  She is a dynamic speaker with her cool calm presence.  In addition she is a mother, grandmother.

Ellen says, “Danni clearly explained how to apply the spiritual concepts to your life.”

Joe Williams-Nelson

Joe Williams-Nelson is a Spiritual Life Coach and entrepreneur. In the past 5 years Joe, along with her husband Gregory, have created 6 varied businesses that have earned them the title of self-made millionaires.  They have 35 employees within their organization and a clientele of nearly 75 individuals and companies. Joe is the resident life coach, who, through workshops, classes and individual coaching holds it all together.

She teaches that work/life balance is not the enigma our culture would have us believe. And she would know, Joe has successfully educated her 4 children at home for over a decade while at the same time running her own restaurant, penning her first book, Lights, Camera, Take Action and this year she will launch her highly anticipated newsletter The Lifeline, making her coaching perspective and expertise available to everyone.

Joe’s coaching philosophy says that designing the life of your dreams begins with a solid foundation of prayer and inner work, the quality materials of positive thinking and speaking, financial education and literacy to keep a roof over your head and a network of supportive family and friends to call when it’s party time.

“G” said, “I really liked Joe she was real. I got what she said.”

Ollie Drezek

Ollie Drezek has spent a lifetime mastering healing. Her philosophy that mental, emotional and physical healing can be facilitated through Spiritual Awakening has become a proven fact based on her own life. She is an ordained minister who creates programs in her community to serve those society has forgotten about. From gay and lesbian outreach to prison ministry, Ollie is a warrior woman for those without a voice; reminding them that as a child of God they have a voice that can never be quieted.

In her businesses Ollie brings her Spiritual perspective even to that by demonstrating that God and Integrity are needed in business just as much if not more than anywhere else. To prove this fact Ollie has managed to carve out a successful and thriving real estate business in a market that society says is failing. Ollie knows otherwise. Maybe suffering banks and homeowners would do well to pray before closings the way Rev. Ollie does.

A compassionate minister, a community leader with unconditional acceptance and a conscious business woman who leads with divine intuition, Ollie Drezek is a Master Healer no matter the arena.


Kevin on Ollie, “…Thank you for listening to God and having the vision for this seminar.”


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